Cisco, Ericsson and Intel Joins Hands to Develop 5G Routers

Cisco announced that it will begin collaborating with Ericsson and Intel to develop and trial the industry’s first 5G (fifth generation mobile networks) router which may offer Gbps speed.

The companies predict that the new next-generation 5G routers will help common and business customers alike to have faster networking speeds, lower latency, and the ability to handle more internet-connected devices at a time. This collaboration of industry leaders and 5G pioneers will help to enable secure, ultra-high speed wireless bandwidth. The solution will offer Gigabit-per-second speeds by combining Cisco’s enterprise networking innovations with Ericsson’s advanced 5G mobile networking technology and Intel’s next-generation 5G silicon.

The collaboration was announced as both companies (Ericsson and Cisco) face a slowdown in the smartphone market, which has been their long-time revenue driver.

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