Microsoft Shutting Down Internet Explorer – A Relief for Web Developers?

Just read the news that Microsoft is shutting down it’s oh-NOT-so-famous browser brand. For first I took a deep breath. I can remember my web development days, when I used to manage websites with extra effort to make it compatible with IE. There were so many UI bugs that I fixed and many I produced while working for IE. Everyone hates it, an open secret. Even Microsoft has made mocking campaigns on IE6 to promote the image of IE. But they have realized people have moved on. The irony is companies like IBM are relying on IE by developing only IE compliant web softwares.


Microsoft now working on a new browser name Spartan, said to be more lightweight for the web. The new “light-weight” browser will use Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine (as opposed to WebKit). But Internet Explorer isn’t going away completely.  It will be part of Windows 10 for corporate comparability with other web softwares.


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