How to create strategic segment in Unica?

Strategic segments are those segments that can be shared within campaigns in Unica. You can create this type of segment by using Sessions.

1. Create a new Session
2. Add a new Flowchart in that session
3. In your flowchart add a Select process on a table
4. Now add Create Segment process to flowchart and make the Select process input to it


5. Configure this Create Segment process with name and other detail
6. Save and Run Flowchart – a segment will be created

7. To verify or to use this segment in a campaign, create a select process in a Flowchart of a campaign
8. In Input field, Expand Segment > All Segments and here you can see your created segment


This segment will be available in all of your campaigns. Unica stores strategic segments in the <Campaign_Partition_Dir>/segments directory with .bin file extension.


The properties tempTableDataSourcesForSegments and doNotCreateServerBinFile in Optimization (Affinium|Campaign|partitions|partition1|server|optimization) can be modified for desired configurations.

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