Use correct version of EGit Eclipse plugin for Github

I am having experience with SVN as a code repository. Now a days social coding at Github is quite popular. And I thought I should commit my all personal projects there. I was having some problem pushing my code to Github. I installed Git like a charm on my Ubuntu 11.10.

The problem I was having was, I was picking wrong version of EGit plugin for Eclipse Indigo. This thing wasted my two hours of searching over internet and diagnosing the problem.

And in Eclipse software update section under Collaboration node you can find EGit.

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2 thoughts on “Use correct version of EGit Eclipse plugin for Github

  1. May be it’s just me, but I somehow prefer the command line than the GUIs.. I feel the GUI’s I have used (EGit, for example) was of great confusion when I started with Git. 

    • It’s quite handy being integrated in Eclipse. I am also looking for Nautilus Git integration. For that I installed RabbitCVS but can not figured it out that how can I push to Github from file manager.

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