Install Gingerbread 2.3.3 on Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung has started distributing Gingerbread 2.3.3 update through their PC software Samsung Kies in Pakistan region. Well I was excited to see my Kies is showing update of Gingerbread. I made two attempts to upgrade the firmware but it stuck in progress. I factory set my phone, reinstalled Kies. But I was not successful.

On third attempt on the last step of Kies upgrade, it stuck on 95%. My phone was in download mode. I waited a lot and unplugged my phone. And following screen appeared.

Three icons appeared when I turn on my phone. Mobile, alert warning icon and a PC icon. Now I didn’t know where I am standing. What’s this mode we call? (recover or download – no idea)

If I press power+volume up+home key then black screen appears with RAMDUMP Mode (ARM9 Mode).

When I found connecting again with PC and restarting again and again not solving any problem, I flashed my phone and installed Gingerbread 2.3.3 on it with Urdu language support. I was hesitating to do flashing as I was having the fear to brick my phone. But Kies did it, a crap piece of software.

To flash your phone you need confidence and a smile on your face that, it’s normal thing in a life of a geek to break things. We learn from it. 🙂

Download firmware files

Arabic Samsung S5830 Firmware,  an update JPKP9 for 2.3.3 download from here.

Download modem file (that is missing in above archive) from here.

Download Odin v 4.38

This software will inject a brand new firmware in your phone. And your phone will be young again. Get it from here.

Download OPS file

Download it from here.

Samsung USB drivers

You required Samsung USB drivers. If you have Kies installed, you dont need them. (else, download from here)

Now you have every thing you need.

Put your phone in Download mode

Press vol down+power+home button

Let’s play

This youtube video is very helpful to show the procedure to use Odin for flashing. I followed it and now happily using Gingerbread on my phone.

Do some research to clear your concepts about what you are doing. Good luck.

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