How to do secure texting with Go SMS Pro

We do texting with friends and family (and some do a lot ;)). And it always happen when there are some contacts that we want our conversation more secret and hidden on every cost. For that people use lock applications that put lock on your messaging app. But what if you lock selected contacts. You can do this with Go SMS Pro app.

This is a messaging app that runs on Go Launcher Ex. And it has a feature Private Box. You can select the contacts for private box and their conversation will be kept separate from other contacts protected with the password.

Notification of Private Box contacts and your other contacts will separate. You can see in the screenshot above, I have 2 notifications. One is from my usual inbox and one is from my private contact. You can have separate colors of notification icons to distinguish easily. (to whome to reply first :P)

In the notification shutter, the excerpt of the unread message from the normal contacts will be shown. But for your private contact, there will be no such thing. If some one take your cell phone to see it’s features or to praise how it cool. The will not happen to read what’s your conversation with this private contact is going on.

You can download Go SMS Pro from Android Market.


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