Go Launcher Ex Sense theme on Samsung Galaxy Ace

Android users do like HTC Sense for their additional capabilities and enhancements in UI. All right those guys who are using phones other than HTC, can do some thing for it. Yes! they can change their home screen to look like Sense.

I have changed my Samsung Galaxy Ace home screen to Sense. I used the fantastic launcher application, the Go Launcher Ex and Fancy Widget Pro. See my phone screenshot. It’s pretty much like Sense. But it does not have those Sense feature of having scroll on the dock. No problem. We can live without that. At least it’s looking cool as compared to the default UI of Samsung Android.

To get this on to your Android phone. Just install following things to your phone and enjoy.

  1. Go Launcher Ex
  2. Sense Theme for Go Launcher Ex
  3. Fancy Widget Pro, a Sense like home screen clock and weather widget

Watch the following video, how you can configure your theme settings for Sense UI.

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5 thoughts on “Go Launcher Ex Sense theme on Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. a bit off topic
    But after the initial days of use how do you feel?
    Rate on battery back up, music quality, responsiveness of the touch screen.
    I’m confused between Ace and HTC Dezire.
    Though both come in a diff price bracket.

    *Personal opinions are far more better.

  2. Hi Karthick;

    HTC Desire is a good phone and better than Galacy Ace for sure on specs. But here comes the price range issue. If you ask my personal opinion on using Ace so far. I am happy with it. But what thing I really miss in it is, its RAM. Phone respond very slow. When I have opened so much apps. It’s quite irritating. The main reason I adjust myself with it is, its price. 🙂 It cost me 25,000 PKR. Where as HTC Desire is 43,000 PKR. Even HTC Wildfire is costly than Ace.

    Ace is good in hands, it fits. It has good iPhonish shape. Looks stylish. The only limitation is it’s RAM. And it’s processor to some extent. It’s a good phone in the price range it is. If you really want the jungle fun, go for high specs phone. See HTC Sensation. Off course this fun will cost more bucks.

  3. I’ve tried to install Sense Theme for Go Launcher Ex but it doesn’t work on my Galaxy Ace.. It said ‘application not installed’… Could you give me another Sense apk link? thanks…

  4. Hi Lonthox;

    I just tried again installing on my Galaxy Ace. And it installed successfully. I installed the same mentioned APK. I am using 2.52 version Go Launcher Ex. It must work.

  5. woow *__* its great !! thank you 😀 but … can i get the menue in german too ?? if yes .. how can i get it ??? thanks alina 🙂

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