Time to say goodbye to Symbian, moving to Android

Well it’s time to say goodbye to my choice of having Nokia Symbian phones. I must say, I have no problem using my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic except it’s resistive touch screen. S60 softwares work great on it. But there is a bottleneck here. New apps are not coming in Symbian. New apps developer are saying, if you have Symbian phone. You should use our mobile web. So the shortage of new apps and my less interest in the existing apps at Ovi store has put me to think to move on.

Sorry Symbian, we had a great time together. But you are not too old for me. You have not changed yourself to the demands of current age. Ta ta.

Now a days I am looking a suitable Android phone for me. And I have selected Samsung Galaxy Ace. It is very good in price and beautiful in shape. Well I don’t know why Samsung people made it too close to iPhone. I have talked some of my friends who are using Samsung Android phones, they showed some reservations on it’s RAM. That is 256 MB. Oh well if I guess, frequently having an eye on the task manager will save me from slowing the phone.

I don’t know how much it is easy to upgrade the Android firmware. Samsung Galaxy Ace is upgradeable to 2.3 (Gingerbread). And this is the major version update to Android by Google. Pretty cool. So seems every one want it. People who are coming from Symbian to Android, know how much easy it should be to upgrade the firmware. I guess if you have upgraded your Nokia firmware, you know how much quick it is. Painless simply.

Also I have confirmed that Urdu is not supported on this phone. I don’t know if any third party app or version 2.3 has the support for it.

I hope next post will be my hands on review on Samsung Galaxy Ace.

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3 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye to Symbian, moving to Android

  1. I had an opportunity to get my hands on this mobile. 1st impression – looks like a copy of iPhone 3GS. Now wonder why apple sued samsung.
    In my opinion, HTC Dezire is also a good bet. but just costs around 22k here in India. It runs on Eclair OS.

  2. Hey karthick, yeah it’s shape is identical to iPhone (I like :p). But the thing that interest me the most is, it’s price. Currently it is 26K here in Pakistan. O yeah HTC Desire is having a head up due to it amoled touch screen. But that is 38K. 😀 So it is going out of my range. I guess Ace is not a bad deal though.

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