Change your default Nokia 5800 home screen

You want to give a new look to your Nokia 5800 home screen? Yes there is a way to customize it. You can get fully widgetized home screen theme. I just changed my Nokia 5800. It looks very cool. If you have this model, must give it a try.

My Nokia 5800 Home screen

On this forum there are penalty of home screen themes available. You can download of your own choice.

For installation, you need to sign your app against your IMEI code. There are multiple ways to sign. But I use an online service to sign the apps. Looks very easy and continent to me.

  1. Go to, after sign up give your IMEI code. Upload your unsigned .sis file that you just downloaded from the above forum.
  2. Download signed file of your home screen theme and install to your phone
  3. On your phone got to: Setting > Personal > Home Screen > Home Screen themes. And select your desired theme.
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