Google Buzz, yet another Google’s failed product

The list could be long where I want to tell that which products are really crapped that made by them. But I just want to mention Buzz here. Which I believe badly flopped and unable to gain popularity.

Some days ago one of my friends told me that he is getting Google Buzz from me. It looks strange, because I have turned them off in Gmail. So from where all that coming. What I found is whenever I post some pictures in my picasa album. A buzz generated.

I found all of those buzzes in my Google profile. So to get rid off Buzz, I have to delete my Google profile. duh. Now I dont know once I delete my profile, will Buzz will be back into action when I create profile again?

I wonder, if any one out there is using Google Buzz. Google should invest its efforts on things which are most widely used by people. Rather trying their luck to compete with Twitter and Facebook things.

The bad usability is, there is not an easy way to get rid off Buzz. I have to delete my profile. I am saying it again. I hate it.

Read on Veera’s blog, how you can disable Buzz.

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4 thoughts on “Google Buzz, yet another Google’s failed product

  1. Google Buzz has an option at the bottom that says “turn off buzz.” which is very easy to do. Wave and Buzz aren’t meant to be the next social networking site just gives Google users more options and features for using their service and devices.

  2. Chris; I did tried on Gmail, as you said. It didnt show me the Buzz from my friends. But my activities were going to my friends. How I stop, by going settings options in Gmail and disabled the Buzz. Which cause deletion of Google profile.

    They should better improve Gmail, Search and Blogger. In my opinion Blogger is also in its miserable condition as compared to WordPress.

  3. It was a strange decision by the Buzz developers that to delete Buzz, you need to delete Google profile. May be they might have thought that people won’t be willing to delete their Google profile and they might keep Buzz. But it worked otherwise. The impact Buzz made many people to delete their Google profile too. 🙂

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