is dead now

Just found that is now redirecting to Some days back I visited Sun’s original website. But it didn’t took long by Oracle to make it red. Well I am a regular visitor of Sun forums. And with this change, I am trying to adjust myself with this transition. As I am having some issue in finding contents.

After some browsing Oracle’s website I found they were some thing to say to Java developers community about continuing Sun Developer Network. now redirects to

FAQs for Sun Java developer community:

What will happen to Sun Developer Network,, and BigAdmin?

For the near future, all these sites will remain in their current form. We know that these resources are important, so you can continue to access them just as you always have at the same URLs and bookmarks. At some time, we foresee an integration of these sites into a newly redesigned and re-architected Oracle Technology Network, and we welcome your feedback about this process. We will make sure that any changes are communicated well in advance so that you will continue to have access to the tools and resources that you need.

And there are some other promises too about continuing Sun things.

I also found a Sun blogger saying good bye to Due to some Oracle policies that they can host only those blogs that targets to their products only not personal topics. You can read that blog post here.

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8 thoughts on “ is dead now

  1. hi there,

    The title scared me!

    I found that still redirects to Those of us who are dependent on java should download stuff from * before some of them are lost on transition.


    • Dear anjan;

      Thats what the concern I have. In this transition there are a lot of chances of information missing. There is a big Java community who used to read articles and other material published on Sun website. I tried to looking those navigations. That old contents which I thought to read later, are there or not.

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