Spoken on Google App Engine at a conference in UET

Today I had delivered a workshop on Developing Java Web Applications In Google App Engine. This workshop was the part of events of 3rd International Conference on Open Source Systems and Technologies. It was organized by Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science , University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

I have presented following slides there. Also coded a basic sample application to show how to create and deploy new Java project on GAE. Which can send emails, how to use authentication by Google, and how to do database interaction. It was a very interesting topic for me to present. Participants also liked it.

Comments and feedback is welcomed on the presentation material from you guys.

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13 thoughts on “Spoken on Google App Engine at a conference in UET

  1. Nice presentation on GAE! You will still have to try accessing datastore with the low level api… I promise you will be pleased by not having the extra layer of enhancers touching your builds.

  2. Veera I have made a sample program in struts2 on GAE. But I cant continue it with one of my project. So for that I just choose plain. JSP and Servlets. As it was not a big application. Just two pages. So I go with keep it simple approach.

  3. The slide looks very good. Good work. I have grown my interest in GAEJ. Want to know more about it. Have you uploaded your talk anywhere on the net? Also was interested in the code you presented

  4. nilesh;

    Thanks for your interest. No there was no any video recording there for the event.

    But you can read it more on web, or from some book. The book on GAE by O’Reilly is pretty good.

    Following post contains the code that I presented on the conference.


    Demo application is here: http://engineplay.appspot.com

    If you want to know more, feel free to communicate. You are welcome.


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