How to register an app with Twitter

If you want to develop a Twitter app. You need to register your application with Twitter. That means you should have your production URL ready before you think to start your development. When you finished with registration, you will receive consumer key and consumer secret. These unique credentials will help your app to interact with Twitter. No big deal. You can visit your all registered applications on And to register for new app you need to visit


Some things need to consider are the call back URL and the access type. Basically call back URL will be the production level URL of your application not your local host. If you want to use Twitter for authentication, then on successful authentication your call back URL will be invoked. Access type is the operations that your app is going to do. Read-only mode is that you only want the read access. And in Read-Write mode you can send tweets and can do other operations.


And I assume that you people know how Twitter authenticates. I am telling here in steps.

  1. You app will generate a URL with unique access token
  2. Your visitor will click on that URL, which will take your the Twitter web. Where he could allow your app to access or deny
  3. On if he allows your app, he will be asked to enter his Twitter user name and password
  4. And on successful authentication, Twitter will take user to your web. By calling your mentioned call back URL
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5 thoughts on “How to register an app with Twitter

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  2. I do all of the above, get the twitter screen to allow access and then get returnd to my callback with an oauth token – all looks well – only when I check connections under my twitter account – I do not see the application listed. I am absolutely sure I am looking at the corect twitter account. Can you help please??

  3. All I want to do as a consumer is to be able to use the apps that y’all have developed. How do I set up my account so I can continue to use the great apps you have developed? I went to the registration screen but there were no options for the lowly users of the apps to register them just a place for developers. I’ve paid for the apps want to be able to use them

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