How to solve image upload problem in wordpress blog

wordpress_logoIf you have hosted WordPress blog. You might experience following error message while uploading images.

The uploaded file could not be moved to /var/www/vhosts/

I was messing it to resolve this issue without causing any big damage to my hosted blog environment. There was a strange thing, if I put chmod to 777 and in Settings -> Miscellaneous Setting I have wp-content value in Store uploads in this folder text box. This scheme works but it cause a lot of rush in my wp-content directory with the big pile of images. But still I was not satisfied that I didn’t used uploads folder. I change permission mode of uploads folder to 777. And put wp-content/uploads in Miscellaneous Settings. But all goes in vein.

My issue resolved my just making another folder in wp-content. I name it upload. And put wp-content/upload in Miscellaneous Settings with chmod 777 where wp-content is 755.

Every thing goes smooth. I am able to upload images in a separate directory. Leave the uploads folder if it creating headache for you.

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