Sun to acquire MySQL

Wow! A hot news I came across here and here today. Sun is going to acquire the open source icon MySQL. It can be a big leap for open source community as SUN is also providing a big platform independent language and now it also will have most popular open source database too.

Will this have any impact in the Java development environment?

What will be the status of JavaDB project, will it be merged with MySQL db?

This is a big game plan by SUN as it going to cover a big open source developer base using MySQL.

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One thought on “Sun to acquire MySQL

  1. Although my initial reaction with the acquisition was negative, but I think in the long run, MySQL will be better off as SUN has an excellent track record with Open Source Software.

    I think SUN would be smart and not try and merge JavaDB and MySQL, but it seems like a likely step.

    Overall its a very nice step, and its good to see the recent (since 2006) resurgence of open source development platforms and OS’s.

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