Programmer’s life (cartoon)

Programmers carry small world with them. If they finish their work according to specs, they become very happy. Some times little showstopers make them sad, and they got frustrated. And start thinking different kind of things like switching the job, how cruel the managers are, will I get appraisal etc, etc.

The given cartoon depicts interesting day routine of programmers…


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35 thoughts on “Programmer’s life (cartoon)

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  3. Hi friends I just now started my career as full time programmer. I’m in the early stage of this . Hopefully will try to avoid final stage.

    But programming is bit challenging? I love challenges

    Very nice cartoon.(Missing to illustrate back Pain an eye strain)

    Best Regards,

    Kavashgar M

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  6. Very realistic, but dont agree with last one. If its CEO then its fine, because if everything goes bad, programmers tend to switch 😉 🙂

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  9. :))) cmon who made this must be a really bad designer. Designing is really fun, but sometimes too much fun is bad for health.


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  15. i read advice from programmers to focus only 1 or 2 specific expertise in programming.. i like to specialize in java and php programming..

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