Google Wish for Making Crazy Android Experiments from Developers

If you’re an app developer looking for a little inspiration, Google has a few suggestions (as all projects on Android experiments are open source). Google wants to see projects that use Android’s new features . Android N’s multitasking capabilities might be a good place to start that explores how people interact with their devices.

HP to limit in cloud

Just spotted a blog post on NYTimes that HP is limiting their cloud public offerings. Where companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM are making their way into investing more into cloud business. HP is heading back from the game. According to HP, they are not entirely abandoning the cloud. They will keep on selling their […]

IBM and Tech Mahindra Partnership for Bluemix Platform Development

IBM and Tech Mahindra will work in partnership to build a platform for the development of cloud based apps for its clients on Bluemix. Bluemix runs on cloud infrastructure combines with the capability of IBM’s middleware software with tools of IBM partner’s echosystem. Bluemix helps developers speed up application deployment for months to minutes. What […]

Fixing “The transaction log for the database is full” problem in DB2

[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64] SQL0964C The transaction log for the database is full. SQLSTATE=57011 The above mentioned error occured when database log file is not large enough for the application to create log files. The solution for this problem is to increase LOGFILSIZ, LOGPRIMARY and LOGSECOND parameters. When you will be going to increase the values for […]

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