From 1st September 10, Sun Certification titles will be changed to Oracle Certification

Just came to know from Oracle website that they have completely integrated Sun certifications with Oracle certification program. The title of certification has been changed. Now Sun Certified Java Programmer will be know as Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer. From Oracle website: Effective September 1, 2010, all Java, Oracle Solaris, MySQL, Open Office and Oracle […]

Oracles message to Sun customers and challenges IBM

Just found on Oracle website that they have placed a message for Sun customers about their objectives and their focus on Solaris and SPARC. And more interestingly you can find Larry Elison (CEO of Oracle) challenging IBM to compete in hardware business. A marketing tactic. Picture reference:

Non CS skills every CS graduate or programmer must have

CS graduates come up with superb knowledge of computer, networks and other IT skills. If they are programmer they write sharp logic and design and code software well. These skills helps them to advancing them in their technical career. But being a technical practitioner a CS junkie should know some non-CS skills and abilities. Because […]

Tips for a successful career in IT

Information Technology has completely changed our lives. No matter who you are, you can’t escape to be affected by it. It has a divining force on our lives. I have drawn some tips that I have come up by discussions with friends, colleagues and students directly or indirectly attached with IT fields. These tips can […]

Sun has announced Java Store

Sun Microsystems has unleashed Java Store at The purpose of this store is to give opportunities to developers to make money by showcasing their Java applications. Which they care about and develop in their own time. Currently store is in beta and available for US residents only. Sun chief executive Jonathan Schwartz and Java […]

Top replies by programmers, when their programs don’t work

20 replies by programmers, when their programs do not work. “That’s weird…” “It’s never done that before.” “It worked yesterday.” “How is that possible?” “It must be a hardware problem.” “What did you type in wrong to get it to crash?” “There is something funky in your data.” “I haven’t touched that module in weeks!” […]

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