P@SHA LaunchPad, an envent to foster up entrepreneurship in Pakistan

P@SHA (Pakistan Software House Association) has come up with a great idea to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan. They are conducting an event LaunchPad.  Previously the president of P@SHA, Jehan Ara was involved in conducting session called Startup Insiders. A panel discussion where people ask question about their startups to the people who are from silicon […]

Spoken on Google App Engine at a conference in UET

Today I had delivered a workshop on Developing Java Web Applications In Google App Engine. This workshop was the part of events of 3rd International Conference on Open Source Systems and Technologies. It was organized by Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science , University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. I have presented following slides there. Also […]

Non CS skills every CS graduate or programmer must have

CS graduates come up with superb knowledge of computer, networks and other IT skills. If they are programmer they write sharp logic and design and code software well. These skills helps them to advancing them in their technical career. But being a technical practitioner a CS junkie should know some non-CS skills and abilities. Because […]

Pakistan’s Internet Timeline

1988 786 BBS service launched in Pakistan. 1991 X.25 Packet Switched Public Data Network (PSPDN) introduced by PTCL. Tariffs are high, service is low, but in principle one can get connected to the young internet. 1992 Pakistan’s first email node established at HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi University. 1993 Imran.Net starts offering its commercial […]

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