Popular Web Frameworks

A post was made on Javalobby in the response of Rick Hightower observation on fastest growing frameworks. According to graph it is clear that there are more jobs of JSF and its demand is increasing as compared to other web frameworks. Luckily I got chance to work on JSF in my previous job, and I […]

Getting and setting Managed Bean objects in JSF

Get appplication from FacesContext FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); Application app = ctx.getApplication(); Setting in Managed Bean Object app.createValueBinding(“#appSessionBean.userDataBean}”).setValue(ctx, userDataBean); Getting Managed Bean Object(s) AppSessionBean appSessionBean = (AppSessionBean)app.createValueBinding(“#{appSessionBean}”).getValue(ctx); userDataBean = (UserDataBean)appSessionBean.getUserDataBean(); where userDataBean is object in ApplicationSessionBean class and this said class is in faces-config with session scope.

Faces Console: A utility for JSF configurations

Faces Console is a free utility get integrated in many IDEs as plugin and provide JSF (faces-config.xml) configuration facility in a GUI. if you are using NetBeans5.0 or Eclipse3.x you must try it. http://www.jamesholmes.com/JavaServerFaces/console/

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