How to set JAVA_HOME environment variable for root user on AIX?

If you are following my previous post about installing Java 6 64bit on AIX 6.1 platform, next you have to set JAVA_HOME and PATH variables. If you want to set environment variables for non root users. You can set those variables in /home/<user>/.profile file. For a root user, setting an environment variable is different. As you will not find […]

How to install Java 6 (Java6_64.sdk) on AIX 6.1?

This tutorial is about installation of Java6 64bit on AIX 6.1 platform. 1. Obtain the installer archive for Java6 64bit (Java6_64.sdk. 2. Extract the tar file in the same directory tar –xvf Java6_64.sdk. You will have Java6_64.sdk. .sdk file is backup/restore format file 3. Enter following commands to start installation of this format inutoc . […]

From 1st September 10, Sun Certification titles will be changed to Oracle Certification

Just came to know from Oracle website that they have completely integrated Sun certifications with Oracle certification program. The title of certification has been changed. Now Sun Certified Java Programmer will be know as Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer. From Oracle website: Effective September 1, 2010, all Java, Oracle Solaris, MySQL, Open Office and Oracle […]

Struts 2 Spring integration: a kickstart on using dependency injection

In this post you will find how we can integrate Spring with Struts2 through struts2-spring-plugin. And we will also see how we can use dependency injection. I assume that you are successfully running a Struts2 application. We will add our Spring integration code in that. Lets take a scenario. You have an Interface that […]

New topics added in SCJP 6 Certification (CX-310-065)

Following are the points that are highlighted in Kathi Sierra and Bert Bates book on SCJP6. 1-    Console class. 2-    NavigableSet and NavigableMap. 3-    Lower(int) and higher(int) function are added in Treeset collection. 4-    Polling method in TreeSet and TreeMap. 5-    TreeSet.descendingSet() and TreeMap.descendingMap(). Thanks to Bilal for discussing these points with me.

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