iGoogle theme designing competition for students. Earn cash prize of $7500

Google is conducting a worldwide iGoogle theme designing competition. The competition aims to unleash talented student photographers. And their work will be demonstrated to million of Google users. Winner will get: £5,000 ($7,500) cash prize work will be demonstrated at Saatchi Gallery in London an invitation to spend a day with renowned photographer Martin Parr […]

Get your free business cards from Google

Google has recently introduced a new feature of Google Profiles. So to promote this feature Google is giving away printed business cards. First 10,000 people will get 25 business cards to their doorsteps. Currently this offer is available in US only. To order your cards, go to http://www.google.com/profiles/me/ and at the top the link is […]

Java in Google App Engine, what’s new for developers

Recently Google has included Java in its App Engine. Currently this release is an early look. Google is giving access to first 10,000 developers to deploy and test their Java applications and give their feedback. What is Google App Engine? Google is providing its scalable and managed deployment environment for developers. In Java environment JVM6, […]

Get Google Wave invitation

I got 28 Google Wave invitations. I am inviting my friends. I want to bring people in so that they can try it out. If they find it useful. So if you guys didn’t tried it yet. Just leave a comment by filling your correct email address. And I will bring you in. Google guys […]

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