Non CS skills every CS graduate or programmer must have

CS graduates come up with superb knowledge of computer, networks and other IT skills. If they are programmer they write sharp logic and design and code software well. These skills helps them to advancing them in their technical career. But being a technical practitioner a CS junkie should know some non-CS skills and abilities. Because […]

My participation in ComSPEC’09

Yesterday I participated in ComSPEC’09 and presented my final year project with my group member Aisf Shehzad. This event was organized by computer science department of CIIT Lahore. My project was Open Source Healthcare Management System which we guys developed as our degree project under supervision of Nadeem Ghafoor with the intention to make it […]

Golden memories of summers

After a long time I am back on my blog. There were a lot of thoughts that were trailing in my mind and I was thinking to write here but I can’t. It is first post of its nature, as I didn’t write on my thoughts and my ideas just write about coding issues or […]

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