How to add new venue in Foursquare app

With the new update on Jan 18 2012, Foursquare has moved their add venue option from Check In screen. I was thinking that they have removed this option at all. But that is not so. You can add new venue but first you need to search that venue, and at the end of the listing you will find the option to add new one.

They must mention this change in their release notes. Since this change, a lot of people crying over their Android market page that where the hell this option is.

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FUD: JDBC addiction and designing software for NoSQL

I am having a background of programming Java based web systems with RDBMS. Where I write a lot of JDBC code. Updates, select statements with a lot of joins, inserts etc is a part of my daily job. Most of my time consumed on maintaining the state of database, validating from base tables and after all storing data in some tables. When I found I am consuming too much time over db programming, and JDBC code becoming a boiler plate across many modules. I included an annotation and reflection based ORM. And I feel happy with that. The object-entity mapper gives me the visualization of my storage in the form of objects. So life is currently going on living in relational DBs.

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A reference to HTML5 tags

New tags added in HTML 5

Layout tags

<article> Defines an article
<aside> Defines contents aside from the page content
<embed> Defines external interactive content or plugin
<figcaption> Defines the caption of a figure element
<figure> Defines a group of media content, and their caption
<footer> Defines a footer for a section or page
<header> Defines a header for a section or page
<nav> Defines navigation links
<section> Defines a section
<wbr> Defines a possible line-break

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How to find mime type of a file in Java

Validating a file when it is getting uploaded in the system is some time very necessary. We can check the extension of the file, but what if user has changed the extension to crack the system. So the best way is to find the mime type. There are multiple libraries that you can use to get the mime type of a file. Java 6 IO APIs can’t do that. I used JMimeMagic for this. Following is a code snippet to get the mime type of a file.

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