Popular Web Frameworks

A post was made on Javalobby in the response of Rick Hightower observation on fastest growing frameworks. According to graph it is clear that there are more jobs of JSF and its demand is increasing as compared to other web frameworks. Luckily I got chance to work on JSF in my previous job, and I […]

Programmer’s life (cartoon)

Programmers carry small world with them. If they finish their work according to specs, they become very happy. Some times little showstopers make them sad, and they got frustrated. And start thinking different kind of things like switching the job, how cruel the managers are, will I get appraisal etc, etc. The given cartoon depicts […]

42% of PC users never defragment their PCs

More than 42% of PC users neglect to defragment their computers. Nearly 16% of those who answered the poll said they had no idea what disk defragmentation is, while more than 26% said they never defrag their machines. The remaining respondents said they frequently defrag their systems using either a built-in manual defragmenter (44.9%) or […]

Browsers Market Shares

August is over and we have August browsers market share results. Last 4 months Internet Explorer managed to increase its market share, however, this month it lost some market share and slipped from 78.98 to 78.68% (0.27% decrease). This month is good for Firefox fans, this browser increased its market share from 14.37% to 14.67% […]

My daily fresh tech-dose

After switching on the PC, before checking official emails, its time to take some fresh technical bites. Which I love to take. These are some sites that I visits daily before starting my work… Javalobby.com as its name, its a lobby of Java programmers, contain discussion on socio-technical issues and tips and tricks section. del.icio.us […]

Accessing a selected row from h:dataTable

Javascript to Select One Radio Button JSF Code of h:dataTable Table on JSP Page We will use valueChangeListener for this, as when user check the radio button we will get the binded value of bean. It is one column. NOTE: Please remove all spaces after : sign. In f and h tags. Page Bean Code […]

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