Pakistan’s Internet Timeline

1988 786 BBS service launched in Pakistan. 1991 X.25 Packet Switched Public Data Network (PSPDN) introduced by PTCL. Tariffs are high, service is low, but in principle one can get connected to the young internet. 1992 Pakistan’s first email node established at HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi University. 1993 Imran.Net starts offering its commercial […]

Best Eclipse tutorials from IBM

I am managing this list for my quick Eclipse reference. Those people who are interested in Eclipse or want to know about it, this list will be helpful for them. Build a Web service using the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Build a Web-based client with the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Eclipse for Visual Studio developers […]

Top 10 Eclipse Shortcuts

Most of Java developers are using eclipse and its been quite trivial to know and remember all the shortcuts during the development time. And of course we don’t need all of them. I have been collecting some shortcuts based on the user frequent experiences and the way they develop software. Following TOP 10 Eclipse Shortcuts […]

NetBeans 6.0 beta and Glassfish V2 going to be released today

Sun has announced the release of Glassfish V2, their open-source application server (and the reference implementation of Java EE), along with the availability of the NetBeans 6 beta. Glassfish V2 adds clustering and a good bit of performance to prior releases; NetBeans 6 adds multiple language support, and a much faster editor. Read full story […]

Top replies by programmers, when their programs don’t work

20 replies by programmers, when their programs do not work. “That’s weird…” “It’s never done that before.” “It worked yesterday.” “How is that possible?” “It must be a hardware problem.” “What did you type in wrong to get it to crash?” “There is something funky in your data.” “I haven’t touched that module in weeks!” […]

Popular Web Frameworks

A post was made on Javalobby in the response of Rick Hightower observation on fastest growing frameworks. According to graph it is clear that there are more jobs of JSF and its demand is increasing as compared to other web frameworks. Luckily I got chance to work on JSF in my previous job, and I […]

Programmer’s life (cartoon)

Programmers carry small world with them. If they finish their work according to specs, they become very happy. Some times little showstopers make them sad, and they got frustrated. And start thinking different kind of things like switching the job, how cruel the managers are, will I get appraisal etc, etc. The given cartoon depicts […]

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