Struts 2 Spring integration: a kickstart on using dependency injection

In this post you will find how we can integrate Spring with Struts2 through struts2-spring-plugin. And we will also see how we can use dependency injection. I assume that you are successfully running a Struts2 application. We will add our Spring integration code in that. Lets take a scenario. You have an Interface that […]

New topics added in SCJP 6 Certification (CX-310-065)

Following are the points that are highlighted in Kathi Sierra and Bert Bates book on SCJP6. 1-    Console class. 2-    NavigableSet and NavigableMap. 3-    Lower(int) and higher(int) function are added in Treeset collection. 4-    Polling method in TreeSet and TreeMap. 5-    TreeSet.descendingSet() and TreeMap.descendingMap(). Thanks to Bilal for discussing these points with me.

P@SHA LaunchPad, an envent to foster up entrepreneurship in Pakistan

P@SHA (Pakistan Software House Association) has come up with a great idea to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan. They are conducting an event LaunchPad.¬† Previously the president of P@SHA, Jehan Ara was involved in conducting session called Startup Insiders. A panel discussion where people ask question about their startups to the people who are from silicon […]

Upgraded Nokia 5800 XpressMusic firmware on v 50.0.005

Last day I made another attempt to upgrade the firmware of my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic to latest version that is 50.0.005. I was running version 40 before it. I read a lot on Internet that people are facing troubles after upgrading their phone software to this version. I upgraded from OTA (on the air). I […]

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