Computer science is an attitude

While discussion with one of my friends this term has been coined out. That people who are programmers or they solve computer problems, associated with different computer professions (but programming in particular). They have computer science in their lives. Laws of nature This thing generate in them an attitude of thinking every thing in the […]

Java certification voucher in $40 till 31st March 2010 for students

From a recent announcement from Oracle under Sun Academic Initiative program (SAI). Now students can get Java certification voucher in $40 till 31st March 2010. This is an excellent opportunity for students. After this date they will give 40% discount on the actual price of the exam fee. Read more on SAI home page: All […]

How to use and retain Twitter4J OAuth access token

I  was stuck in a problem that how to re use access token, once user has authenticated by Twitter (on call back URL). I got it working. There was problem in my understanding about request token vs access token. When user first time comes on call backed URL. I take request token and token secret […]

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