Configure Unity desktop with easy to use MyUnity

Since Canonical introduced Unity desktop in Ubuntu. Most of people are having trouble switching their computing behavior to this. If you are also using Unity desktop and want to control and configure it, then MyUnity can do this job very well. It’s very simple easy to use software that can tweak your Unity desktop.

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Things you should do after installing Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

A month back I opted for Ubuntu to evaluate as my primary desktop operating system for personal computing. So for that I freed some space, deleted a Windows partition and installed Ubuntu 11.04 on it. My transition was great. I never knew Ubuntu got such a polished UI and the other improved things like Software Center and good drivers support. I have Lenovo N200, and I got every thing worked on it. I use PTCL Evo 3G dongle, that also worked on Ubuntu. Few days back, Ubuntu users got a new release, that is Ubuntu 11.10.

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The difference between Gnome Shell and Unity in Ubuntu

I was thinking about the difference between Gnome and Gnome Shell. The screenshots of Gnome that I have seen on their website were different of what Gnome I got in Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity.

I found Gnome Shell is not installed on my Ubuntu 11.10. I upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04. Why was it like that? The reason is, Gnome Shell is not shipped with Gnome 3.

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