Configure Unity desktop with easy to use MyUnity

Since Canonical introduced Unity desktop in Ubuntu. Most of people are having trouble switching their computing behavior to this. If you are also using Unity desktop and want to control and configure it, then MyUnity can do this job very well. It’s very simple easy to use software that can tweak your Unity desktop. How […]

Using Docky now as docking app on Ubuntu 11.10

It’s been long time I was using Cairo Dock. But it stopped working with latest software update of Ubuntu. So in the available dock application options I have selected Docky now. Sure there are difference of features. Docky vs Cairo Dock If you have opened multiple Firefox browsers and you click on the icon, Cairo […]

How to speed up Firefox internet browsing in Ubuntu

Since I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 for my personal usage. I was facing slow internet speed in Firefox. After doing some search I figured out some configuration that helped to get normal browsing experience.Thanks to UbuntuGeek for these tips. Open your Firefox and type about:config And make following changes: network.http.pipelining > Make it True network.http.pipelining.maxrequests […]