P@SHA LaunchPad, an envent to foster up entrepreneurship in Pakistan

P@SHA (Pakistan Software House Association) has come up with a great idea to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan. They are conducting an event LaunchPad.  Previously the president of P@SHA, Jehan Ara was involved in conducting session called Startup Insiders. A panel discussion where people ask question about their startups to the people who are from silicon […]

Sun CEO’s internal memo to employees, before his resignation

Today I found that Jonathan Schwartz has tweeted about his resignation as Sun CEO. Due to the new control to Oracle. Schwartz sent following memo to his employees. Jonathan is an avid blogger used to blog on blogs.sun.com/jonathan. He also tweeted about his last blog post on Sun.com, saying “Where Life Takes Me Next“. Read […]

Sun.com is dead now

Just found that sun.com is now redirecting to oracle.com. Some days back I visited Sun’s original website. But it didn’t took long by Oracle to make it red. Well I am a regular visitor of Sun forums. And with this change, I am trying to adjust myself with this transition. As I am having some […]

Oracles message to Sun customers and challenges IBM

Just found on Oracle website that they have placed a message for Sun customers about their objectives and their focus on Solaris and SPARC. And more interestingly you can find Larry Elison (CEO of Oracle) challenging IBM to compete in hardware business. A marketing tactic. Picture reference: oracle.com/features/suncustomers.html

Non CS skills every CS graduate or programmer must have

CS graduates come up with superb knowledge of computer, networks and other IT skills. If they are programmer they write sharp logic and design and code software well. These skills helps them to advancing them in their technical career. But being a technical practitioner a CS junkie should know some non-CS skills and abilities. Because […]

Oracle has acquired SUN Microsystems. So whats the impact?

On 20th April Oracle has eaten up another company. SUN Microsystems which was dangling around in the corridors of IBM, now at last got settled with Oracle on price of  approximately $7.4 Billion in equity value or $9.50 per share in cash. Both companies have been collaborating in Java platform and have strategic relationships. Oracle […]

My participation in ComSPEC’09

Yesterday I participated in ComSPEC’09 and presented my final year project with my group member Aisf Shehzad. This event was organized by computer science department of CIIT Lahore. My project was Open Source Healthcare Management System which we guys developed as our degree project under supervision of Nadeem Ghafoor with the intention to make it […]

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