5 reasons I like Bluehost

I was in terrible tension with my previous hosting provider. They down my site often and was having very less responsiveness in support. My account also was having very low bandwidth. So a friend suggested me to evaluate some hosting providers and I selected Bluehost.

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Why programmers should blog?

For non believers of blogging

Most of the times when some techie (my colleague or any friend) asked me “what is blogging?” or “how blogging can help us”. I just got attentive and its my time to sell my stuff :) I started narrating the benefits of writing blogs. I have come up with many developers who are writing code for years but didn’t know about this Internet revolution. I have convinced and influenced some of my friends and colleagues to start writing technical blogs. And now they feel the difference. They have their own identity to speak with the world, and now they think something innovative about the areas they are expert and they write.

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