Fixing “The transaction log for the database is full” problem in DB2

[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64] SQL0964C The transaction log for the database is full. SQLSTATE=57011 The above mentioned error occured when database log file is not large enough for the application to create log files. The solution for this problem is to increase LOGFILSIZ, LOGPRIMARY and LOGSECOND parameters. When you will be going to increase the values for […]

How to connect Cognos 10.2 with DB2 v9.7 data source on AIX?

To access DB2 remote database data source in Cognos you have to do following things on Cognos machine. Install DB2 client Set DB2 envoirnment variables Catalog remote host and database After above these steps, add a new DB2 data source in Cognos Configurations. Navigate to IBM Cognos Connection > Launch > IBM Cognos Administration > […]

How to create tablespace in DB2 v9.7?

I was trying to create tablespace in DB2 on AIX. I wanted to have that tablespace in a directory at my operating system. I have also created a bufferpool having the same pagesize of tablespace (that is necessary). But was getting SQLCODE=-104. I also tried with `FILE` tokens giving the sizes too. But was unable […]

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