Google Wish for Making Crazy Android Experiments from Developers

If you’re an app developer looking for a little inspiration, Google has a few suggestions (as all projects on Android experiments are open source). Google wants to see projects that use Android’s new features . Android N’s multitasking capabilities might be a good place to start that explores how people interact with their devices.

Determine whether application is running on local server or App Engine

If you are working on developing some application on Google App Engine. You may come up with such situation to switch your production code with your local dev code. Following is my solution for this problem. I have initialized a servlet from web.xml. That set appropriate value in a static boolean. I will use this […]

How to avoid DeadlineExceededException in Google App Engine

If you are developing web application on Google App Engine for Java. And you dont know what this exception is. You can be in trouble. The container throws this exception for those requests which take time more than 30 seconds. In other words GAE wants every requests to be fullfilled within 30 seconds. Case I […]

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