Google I/O 2015 Registration Opens Until March 19 at 5:00PM PDT

The most awaited tech event of Google is here. The registration is closing on March 19 at 5PM Pacific Time. Google is going to demonstrate what they prepared for the future. They will unveils their plan for the future. You can check schedule of the conference here. Anyone with Google account can register and Google will select applicants who can purchase one ticket.

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Ufone MMS settings for Android (HTC Sensation)

After trying many combinations available online finally a suggested values by a friend works for me. I am able to send MMS from HTC Sensation using Ufone network.
I am attaching screenshot of my settings. The difference I found is copying the same values of MMS Proxy and MMS Port in Proxy and Port. And I changed MMS Protocol same that is set in GPRS APN settings.

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How to add new venue in Foursquare app

With the new update on Jan 18 2012, Foursquare has moved their add venue option from Check In screen. I was thinking that they have removed this option at all. But that is not so. You can add new venue but first you need to search that venue, and at the end of the listing you will find the option to add new one.

They must mention this change in their release notes. Since this change, a lot of people crying over their Android market page that where the hell this option is.

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