War of Future PC’s

Over the past few years we’ve been watching these top main players line up against each others. The players aren’t surprising at all Google, Apple, and Microsoft. But this is a different kind of war where all three have a legitimate chance of coming out ahead. It’s not in phones, where the iPhone is dominant and Android owns massive market share, it’s the future of PC’s.

Let’s have a quick review, what these three giants are capable off;

Google and Chrome OS

Chrome OS feels like a known name. People understand that it’s a Chrome browser, but Chrome browser can do way more computer things that just open Web Pages.

Against the iPad, Chrome OS will have a more powerful, desktop-class browser, real windowing, and more hardware options. Against Windows it has easier software management and better performance at cheap price points. Now the challenge for chrome OS of making Android apps that run well hardware and if Google succeeds in it will be a rapid change. That’s because Android on Chrome OS plan means Chrome OS tablets are coming. Developers doubt Android apps will be great on tablet or laptop screens.

Apple iPad/Mac

The iPad/Mac Pros are very powerful, very capable computers. They have several million advantages over their two competitors. I do not know how it feels to get stranded all of sudden. Not just me, any iPad/Mac user would not know about the system hang ups. This is the best part of having Mac. When compared to both Android and modern-style Windows Store apps, there are so many good quality iPad apps have that it’s not even a discussion.

Microsoft and Windows 10

Microsoft is increasingly trying to lead developers to create apps that alter their interface based on which device you’re running. Windows 10 is a really good operating system that still doesn’t get the credit it deserves for pushing desktop software forward. The problem is that many traditional Windows apps tend to just require more power than they really have to. Microsoft has the most powerful operating system that can run on low-priced hardware.

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