Twitter app idea: Urdu poetry meme

Just hit an idea to write a Twitter bot or a meme that will collect Urdu poetry tweets specified by a hashtag stores it in it’s database. And people who will follow that account will get a poetry tweet daily. Why it’s looking interesting to me because I can’t find such account who shared poetry in Urdu script. That’s appealing rather having it in Roman which can be seen in abundance. Will do a quick POC on it, have to see Twitter API after ages since I left exploring it.

  • karthickr

    Cool Idea 🙂

    A friend of mine wrote a similar bot which used to send with it’s meaning in English. You might want to add the English translation as well (if you have the source) so that it reaches a wider audience.

    • Karthick, I guess you are talking about Veera, he did develop such app I remember. Hope to keep motivation to finish it.