How to install Java 6 (Java6_64.sdk) on AIX 6.1?

This tutorial is about installation of Java6 64bit on AIX 6.1 platform.

1. Obtain the installer archive for Java6 64bit (Java6_64.sdk.
2. Extract the tar file in the same directory

tar –xvf Java6_64.sdk.

You will have Java6_64.sdk. .sdk file is backup/restore format file
3. Enter following commands to start installation of this format

inutoc .
smitty installp


4. Install Software is selected. Press Enter.

5. Enter ./ for Entry Field.


7. Select Accept new license agreements? And press Enter.

8. By default value is no. Press tab to make it yes.

9. Press enter now to start installation.

This will install Java6 on your AIX 64bit platform.

Reference: Implementing Java on AIX: Download, installation, and configuration

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