How to insert and update records in external tables from Unica?

While working with external systems there are requirements when you have to insert and update records in a database table. To do it you must know the relevant process to do the job. You must have mapped those tables in to Unica so that you can use them in the process configuration.

For this Snapshot process can be used.

It has following options to

  1. append the new record to the existing data
  2. replace all records with new record (first it will delete all records before inserting the new one)
  3. update records


In the screenshot, the snapshot process is updating the record. You can use Append to Existing Data or Replace All Records options for inserting the record.

There are other processes too that can log into external destinations. e.g. CallList, MailList etc. You will use them when you have offer assigned to your campaign and you are logging the contact history table too. That depends on the nature of the Flowchart.

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