How to solve The authenticity of host ‘’ can’t be established problem in Eclipse?

I was thinking to configure Git and Github on my new laptop to push my personal projects to Github. It was quite long time since I interacted with Git and I forgot it’s configuration and settings. Well not that difficult I installed EGit eclipse plugin first from this tutorial. And after this, I created a project to push into Github.

Following were my URL settings:

But got following error.

The authenticity of host ‘’ can’t be established.

This RSA fingerprint belongs to the id_rsa key. That’s I believe my key attached with my account.

I followed this blogpost and this Eclipse wiki to successfully push my project to account.

Here are the steps:

Switch to ‘Git Repository Exploring’ perspective. Expand your project and on ‘Remote’ node, right click and add remote repository.

In my case, it is Github. Press Change button and fill the URI.

After finishing above step, press Dry Run. And it will prompt about SSH Keys, but it’s safe to press Yes. It will also create Known Host file.

Now Save and Push and your project will be pushed to your Github account.