Don’t like Sense UI on your HTC phone anymore? Try Apex Launcher

I bought HTC phone due to it’s build quality and Sense UI. But with the passage of time I found myself bit uncomfortable with it’s to much animations and effects. A minimalist like me can’t go long with HTC Sense. So I thought to find a replacement for it.

I tried QQ Launcher, Nova Launcher and Go Launcher Ex.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is quite similar to the Apex Launcher due to it’s default ICS look but they ask you to pay for the features that you can get free in Apex. So I removed that.

QQ Launcher

I found QQ Launcher quite fast but it has a cartoonish look. It can not attract me so long. But it has good stars in my books.

Go Launcher Ex

Go Launcher Ex is like Firefox browser. It comes with so many addons and customization option that you end up with a slow experience. I have used it quite long on my old phone Samsung Galaxy Ace. But not an option to consider a replacement of HTC Sense.

Why Apex beat them all?

So I am settling Apex Launcher. It’s fast and simple and has the minimalist look. I love it. You can get transition effects of screen and you can download quite think themes that changes icons and wallpapers of the launcher. Being using the free version, you can get the best of it. In their paid version, they give notification count. This is only feature that I want in free version. Other than that, it’s just awesome.

Download Apex

You can get Apex Launcher on Google Play.

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