Using Docky now as docking app on Ubuntu 11.10

It’s been long time I was using Cairo Dock. But it stopped working with latest software update of Ubuntu. So in the available dock application options I have selected Docky now.

Sure there are difference of features.

Docky vs Cairo Dock

If you have opened multiple Firefox browsers and you click on the icon, Cairo Doc shows you the opened windows on desktop so you can select which one you want to view. In Docky, there is no such thing. So Cairo Dock got the point.

There is no main menu option at Docky. Where as Cairo Dock does have it. Looking workaround in Docky for it.

Docky is smooth in running. And it looks like a shipped app of Ubuntu. To much configuration of Cairo Dock makes me confuse some time. No doubt I am control freak but I need simplicity now.

Docky does not have variety of docklets. Even the docklets of weather and Gmail are not working. A bug is reported and according to Gnome Do team, it’s fixed. But it has be reported again. Don’t know in which version they will fix this issue.

Docky on my Ubuntu 11.10

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