Wateen Bolt WiMAX is easy plug and play on Ubuntu

Wateen has launched it’s new WiMAX USB Modem in Pakistan named Bolt. The device is free on a promotion for Warid postpaid customers. So I paid PKR 700 for it’s bill and device is here. Well no issue of connecting and using it on Ubuntu 11.10. I activated it, and it’s just plug and play with your Ubuntu.

It’s 512 Kbps with 7GB of monthly download limit.

If you have used PTCL EVO, you need to add a new network connection with username and password. Bolt get detected and your system is on Internet.

My review

While telling the review of an internet device, it always depends how you use internet. People download movies and their torrent software always working. I don’t download too muchn movies and see online movies and youtube. Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, BBC Urdu, Express News etc are my frequently visited websites. And I am preferring it to be good. The only thing I dislike is, the deveice need to be more compact to dongle. I do not like the wired USB modem. But deffinately, they will not offer internet dongle device in this price.


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