Screenlets – A cool desktop eyecandy for Gnome

If you are a person who just left using Windows and wondering about the desktop gadgets for his Ubuntu desktop. Then Screenlets is the best choice for it. They provide variety of gadgets for your desktop, having highly configurable options and themes. The best desktop eyecandy for Ubuntu.

Install Screenlets from terminal with following command:

sudo apt-get install screenlets

In Screenlets manager, you can start/stop your screenlet and also you can set the option to run on the screenlet on startup.

Following is my Ubuntu 11.10 desktop screenshot. And I am using 3 screenlets. Made their background transparent and reduce the transparency of font color to make them more bright. They are looking sleek and stylish.

There are also another app named, gDesklets. But I donot like that much. The variety of screenlets and options you can best get in Screenlets.

If you come to know some better desktop eyecandy app. Do let me know.

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