My review on Samsung Galaxy Ace

Well it’s been a week I am using my first Android phone, I was thinking to write a blog post on it. About my experience of using it. As previously I was an avid user of Symbian S60 family cell phones. What features Android gave me to forget Symbian easily, and what thing I am lacking it that some time reminds me about the blessings of Symbian.

Let’s have a look.

Display and Look

Outstanding. Well Samsung guys copied the look of iPhone 4. Structure wise, it feels sensitive. Not having a tough make. It’s chromed back gives you a solid grip on phone. The display is good. No doubt screen resolution is not too big. And it’s also not amoled. But in the price range that it belongs, it is ruling.

Installing Apps

Android market is my friend. Most of apps are compatible to my phone. And I am happy with it. Currently the apps that are mostly required by me are: Foursquare, Twitter official app, TweetDeck and Facebook official app. For connectivity with PC, I am using it’s data cable. But I am finding a way to connect it with bluetooth. I guess for this, I have to use the Teethering feature.

Contacts Synch

I love this feature. My all contacts has been synched with Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. I don’t need to take care the display pics of my contacts. They are coming form their Facebook profiles. For every contact, now I have their email addresses too in my phonebook. So it’s handy if I have to send an email from my cellphone. I don’t need to go directly in Gmail. I will select the contact, choose the email and send the mail.

Battery Usage

Well given that it’s a smart phone. It’s battery usage is one and half day. But it can depend on your usage too. I call and text a lot. And I also keep it on radio and music player. So it’s ok with the battery. But I keep an eye on it performance by killing the apps and clearing the RAM periodically.

Sending/Receiving SMS from PC

If you are comming from Nokia, and if you are addicted of sending text messages from your PC. You will demand this feature. Yes and PC Suite like solution in Android. Folks, desparately saying with Samsung Galaxy Ace, they have not provided such software. So you need to see third party solutions. Now a days I am in the hot hunt to find a good and appropirate software that I can use for texting from PC.

For this currently I am using MyPhoneExplorer. It’s good, you can send and recieve text messages. Make a call. Get media from your phone on your PC. But it lacks a feature of a chat like console. Like Nokia Ovi has. But it’s OK to be used. If you are using a good software for this, please drop the name in the comments. I will owe you for this.

No Support of Connectivity with Adhoc Networks

No support. Your Samsung Galaxy Ace can not scan the adhoc networks around you. Whereas Symbian and iPhone can connect with adhoc networks that you made in your Windows and expose your laptop as WIFI. The sad thing this is. I tried connectify. But I guess my wireless card is not supported by connectify and it does not make the hotspot. It just made the adhoc network that we can also make in Windows 7. So no adhoc network support.

So this is it. In the price range of PKR 25,500 this Android phone is worth using. As compared to other handsets like HTC Desire and Sony Ericson X10.

I would love to listen your feedback and any thing that you want to share about your Android phone.

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16 thoughts on “My review on Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. Great to know about Contacts Synch feature. Sometime … its really required specifically for business persons, so that they could get updated email address and phone numbers from cell, specifically when they are away from PC.

  2. Hi,
    Glad that you liked the phone. And its an exact replica of iPhone 3gs and not iPhone4.
    right from the screen size, its resolution and to the main buttons :).
    No wonder why apple had sued Samsung 😀

  3. hey, can i ask u, i can’t connect to my twitter account on my twitter for android, tweetcaster or other

    did i need some authorized? how?
    (i’m using this phone)- new user

    anyone ccan help?

  4. hi… i just want to ask.. why if i post on facebook it wont look like “via android” and ive dowloaded an application on my samsung galaxy ace “facebook for android” please help..

    • No, you can not connect it with Ad hoc network. For that there are some solutions available like Connectify and Viertual Router. You can use that to share your WIFI on your phone.

  5. if u install cyanogenmod 7.2 in your galaxy ace,it can scan the ad hoc network,i’ve tried this before.It’s just the matter of software.

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