Div based UIs. Heaven or Hell for a developer?

At my work I have a large application that has all web pages in table based layout. The use of Div is just limited to hide and show some content area on web page. Same is the case with CSS. Using them for styling fonts and some formatting for tables. Like every developer (not designer) I am very comfortable in developing UIs by using tables. But quite impressed with Div based layouts, as its a fashion thing for web pages. I see how gracefully div is helping to manage contents instead of tr and tds. Whenever I visit some site that has some good layout. I hit the view source of that page to see whether the designer/developer has used tables. And almost all of time I find myself alone loving tables. And I know the cost to manage a big web page all developed in table. What happen if some td missed. And I need to do the debugging by enabling the border of tables. Ehh.

Its been several years people started developing UIs in Divs. Now no one is working on tables. But if you want to shift on developing UI in Div, you need a learning curve on CSS. So what happen here? It has increased the cost of your time to develop a web page. Unless you master yourself in CSS. Huh?

So being a Java developer, should I master myself in CSS things too. If I am an independent (solo performer) developer that want to develop some app. First thing that came in my mind is, what happen when people will hit view source button. And will it not increase my time to deliver a thing. What should I consider, the features in my application? or the fear of developing the web pages in divs?

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8 thoughts on “Div based UIs. Heaven or Hell for a developer?

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  2. If you are a css newbie try using a css library. Most of them have instructions for the layout of the pages.

    As you move along you will find a way to find your own best practice, with or without the library.

  3. @David I will try some CSS library for that. And I will build my expertise in it.

    @Veera I am impress with Divs and I call it fashion that should be adopt. Divs reduces the size of the page and also make it SEO friendly. I will learn to code Divs like pros 🙂

  4. @Ali Raza Css libraries aren’t much more than a few css files which form the base of the layout. There is no special syntax or api.

    If i said use something like less or sass then i would agree with you.

  5. One problem I have with div is that it doesn’t really work with a flow layout which stretches the full width of the screen.

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