P@SHA LaunchPad, an envent to foster up entrepreneurship in Pakistan

P@SHA (Pakistan Software House Association) has come up with a great idea to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan. They are conducting an event LaunchPad.  Previously the president of P@SHA, Jehan Ara was involved in conducting session called Startup Insiders. A panel discussion where people ask question about their startups to the people who are from silicon valley and startup gurus. LaunchPad has similar flavor to it.

This event is going to held in Lahore and Karachi. Where young entrepreneurs, students and industry professionals are welcomed to discuss their ideas and business plans and get the feedback from industry leading people in Launchpad panel. Great opportunity for business connections. Nomination form is available here. For more details, see the LanuchPad flyer, or read Jehan Ara’s blog.

I am planning to visit the event with an idea. I will submit the form for my nomination in evening.

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