Computer science is an attitude

While discussion with one of my friends this term has been coined out. That people who are programmers or they solve computer problems, associated with different computer professions (but programming in particular). They have computer science in their lives.

Laws of nature

This thing generate in them an attitude of thinking every thing in the terms of 1 and o. Thinking things in computer way also changes the way we treat things in our daily life. We start thinking things like we are solving a computer problem or making some logic. There are no formalities in computer science. Every thing is an object with its properties and behavior. Every one is useful to what it capable of. And there is a reason and meaning behind the existence of every thing. Computer science is based on the law of nature. I believe 1 and 0 is the main thing. Either do it, or not do it. There is no middle thing. And those people who does not accept that 2 and 2 always makes 4. I want to tell them to please mention here that both are numeric. So numeric 2 and 2 always makes 4.

Never surrender

Things never stuck in computer science. If you keep on trying rationally on some problem, you will be sure to get some useful conclusion. I have experienced this thing many times, while working. And this thing gave me a confidence that if we never surrender, we can do it. An these small wins prepare us well to make a good and massive attempt on the next problem.  So in life, keep struggling to achieve things and never surrender attitude can helps us well to achieve the goals that we have envision for us.

Keep things simple

While writing programs, we try to keep things simple. We build things that are easy to understand, and easy to do things. While thinking things like this way, why should we complicate things in real life. Every problem will remain problem, until some one question. So in life, we question when we see things unusual. Treat every thing simple, and you will lead towards a solution. Don’t complicate life. Its short. Live it.

Start small, aim high

Another very interesting point came in my mind. When we start learning some thing new. We start it by saying Hello World in it. And then we build things that generate business, that communicate with the world, that host thousands and millions of users. So in life, same thing can be applied. We always start with a small. And then take that thing to the heights. Rise and shine.

There are a lot more points where we can map computer science with the real world. But currently I have these in my mind. Or I am convinced on these things.

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7 thoughts on “Computer science is an attitude

  1. really well said. I extremely like the points you made. ‘keep things simple’ and is a fundamental point in software design and very good in general life.

    ‘start small, aim high’ is good for complexity management, no matter its about life or a program.

    I feel concepts of OOP, algorithms design techniques, scheduling algorithm, etc. all have very real application for general human self management.

    You know, Tahir bhai, there is a separate domain of very active research called Computational Thinking, its focus is everyone should learn to think like a computer scientist. I had made a post about it, with list of universities who are very seriously working on it. See here:

  2. Thanks Asif. Its working with computers that I think we are started thinking like them. And the term Computational Thinking is very convincing to me. And you are right, if we generalize computer terms to our life, they become more meaningful and more understandable for us.

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