Social media websites affected IMs

Since I started using Twitter and Facebook I found my usage of IM has been decreased. I believe that social media websites has affected greatly the usage of messengers. Google did a good job to me that I don’t need to add people explicitly into Gtalk. The people to whom I ever wrote some thing are my buddies. And if I talk about MSN messenger, I fever (or can be say no) received any add buddy request. But if I see network on Facebook or Twitter, it is expanding.

People are not using IMs. And they focusing more and more on these sites and spending time on them. This is the big shift. I believe people use IMs for their official purposes. And for the entertainment and friends networking, now there are social media sites.

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4 thoughts on “Social media websites affected IMs

  1. One important marketplace for the IMs is inside the companies. Employees are widely using IMs to interact. In my previous company, Windows Messenger was a inseparable software. In my current org, Skype took that place (because we own Skype! 🙂 )

  2. //Are you talking about using IMs in companies when they are blocked//

    hm, it depends. because, In my prev. company, Windows Messenger was officially supported, but GTalk was blocked.

    My point is IMs are still widely used for official communication. They might lose the market of social communication to the new age tools like Facebook/Twitter etc.

  3. Hnn. well. for fun and entertainment .. it holds true. but as far as any serious talks with friends, family, or business partners is concern … IM is still the best choice. and seems, will stay here.

    I do all deals with Chinese suppliers … on Skype.

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