Configure custom subdomain with Posterous blog

The use of my personal blog at has been increased. As I post a lot of pictures and posts on my daily life there. I thought to buy a domain for it. Here comes the deal of configure it with my subdomain. I thought to make it

I read about it on internet, and confused all the way. Though very simple in concept but I didnt get it. I communicated this issue many times to my domain provider, different forums and posterous support. But the way I was getting it was wrong. I was getting following error when I try to add my custom domain with posterous.

What I was doing is to create a subdomain in my hosting panel. And add the hosting name servers record in my domain. I also added A record given by posterous. But whenever I hit my URL, it directs to hosting rather posterous. So how I fix it, that I dont need to create subdomain in hosting. Just need to enter A record with the value of my subdomain and its done. As shown following.

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