Free Twitter clients for Symbian S60 phones

Its quite a long time I was looking for a Twitter client for my Symbian S60 phone (Nokia 5320). Earlier I used JTwitter but it gone to paid application so I only left with or like website to use on.

But recently a friend queried about it and I again had a search on it and come up with two free Twitter clients.


Snaptu is Java based funbox. If you psnaptuhone is Java enabled, it can be installed. More than just Twitter client, it contains every thing that we need to used on Internet on daily basis. Name any social networking or daily use site, they have them on it. Almost every popular site is available as a widget, which can be added to Snaptu. The Twitter interface is very clean. To download Snaptu to your phone, point the browser of your mobile phone to this URL:



tweets60-logoTweetS60 is Symbian based applicatin. Available in .sisx file with just size of 110 Kb. Very sleek interface with basic features of tweeting. You need to signin for only once and the thing I like over Snaptu is you can set Internet access point. It means you didnt need to select your Internet access point every time it refreshed. You can download TweetS60 from here.


I have decided to keep both applications on my phone. I will use TweetS60 for Twitter and will use Snaptu for other Internet needs. Like cricket score, weather, images and calandar etc.

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2 thoughts on “Free Twitter clients for Symbian S60 phones

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  2. We’ve observed my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic cell to be the ideal all round I have owned. Just wish it had a slide out qwerty keyboard! Anyway, it doesn’t so more than enough is enough. A bunch of individuals whine regarding the camera, it does suck, but it’s not that significant to me-I have a fantastic Canon SD950 camera if I want pics. I’m really please with how customizable it is and every one of the points I can perform with it. Demands charging practically everyday when utilised a fair bit. Thinking about debranding it. Rogers (Canada) keeps items very locked down along with the greatest fw I are actually ready to upgrade to is v30 (one thing like that cannot keep in mind the exact quantity in the moment). Sounds like v40 has some excellent functions I’m missing out on.Properly, glad I identified this forum, I hope to discover a great deal additional about what I can do with my phone.

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