Get invitation of Yahoo! Meme

Yahoo has also introduced its micro blogging service named Yahoo! Meme. At first look it contains features like Twitter. It sounds that they develop their service by keeping Twitter and what its lacking in mind. They even adopt the terms “following” and “followers” from Twitter. Interface is more enriched and appealing than Twitter.yahoo_meme_tahir

By using Meme you can post videos, music and pictures and they will shown straight away in your time-line. Twitter provides excellent idea to Yahoo to think about it and come up with more innovation. This Yahoo startup can cause shutdown twitter. Its looking. Twitter is still facing its up time issues.


Currently Meme is invitation based. I recently joined it on the invitation of @anasimtiaz. If you guys want to be in, leave comments here I will send you invitation. You guys can follow me on Meme (tahirakram) and/or Twitter (@tahirakram). But I have decided to continue using Twitter for my primary micro-blogging needs.


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